Failure (originally posted 22 June 2014)

After just 1 month of trying for a baby I feel like a failure. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to try for years and years.

I don’t suppose I’m helping my body by panicking already. I thought I was going to relax into this and I’m already annoyed at myself.

I had suspicions that this wouldn’t be easy for me as before I went on the pill my periods were all over the place but I was hoping it was just because my body was settling into hormones.

What’s really annoying is that I’ve had so many traditional pregnancy symptoms. I thought signing up to a trying to conceive forum would help my endless need for information and to understand, but instead it’s just made me symptom-spot and want to take tests.

I almost want my period to appear so that I know either way as the thought of testing weekly or so until my period comes would just be heartbreaking.


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