This month I have mainly been thinking about Pam. For all the usual reasons.

I had the good idea earlier of being nosey on Irene’s Facebook profile earlier… Which just made me angry as her profile pic is from her wedding reception, which we were uninvited from.

I suppose September will always be Pam’s month – her birthday and death in the space of a couple of weeks. I could still sit and cry every day.
Just thinking about her makes tears come to my eyes. She never got to see Bruce. Gosh she would have thought he was lovely.  I wish they could have met. I always think of her when I feed Bruce some tuna or salmon.

What makes me even more sad is that whenever I’m lucky enough to fall pregnant, she won’t be here to tell. To show her the scans. To tell her the name we pick.

She would have been the best almost-great-grandmother ever.

I miss her in so many ways.