Is it this month?

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything this bad.

I’m symptom spotting for the first time since my first normal period.

I had an ovulation dip then 4 dpo I had another dip (potentially implantation?)… And a further 2 days of low temperatures. What does that mean? I thought they were meant to recover straight away.

I’ve been dizzy, had gas, heartburn, feeling tired, broken sleep with funny dreams, severe backache and Bruce has been weird with me all day. My stomach, or rather bottom of my stomach has felt weird the past 2 days… Like super weak cramps.

I suppose I’m just hoping it happens this month as Jonny’s family would be over for John officially becoming a Deacon in June and according to my app, I would be due at that time.

I’m sure my period will appear as normal in 4 days time…


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