Ok I get the point.

Thanks for rubbing salt into the wound body.

Had a perfect triphasic chart and had all sorts of symptoms. I had even more delayed ovulation due to antibiotics but I thought maybe it would be my month as my body would’ve been too busy fighting infection to fight implantation.

But no. Here comes my period and oh, what’s that on my face? A FUCKING COLD SORE. For real?

Jeeez. I didn’t even think I was stressed. Did I cause it yesterday, panicking about buying pregnancy tests in Superdrug?


Trying for a baby is the most soul crushing thing. Every month I get to tell Jonny that my body is crap which is exactly as I feared.

Could it be a self-fulfilling prophecy? I try not to be negative. Really. This month I wasn’t at all – I was convinced we could do it, being as it was month 6 of trying – but only 3 cycles. I suppose it’s 12 cycles before you can get help.


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