As this is just for me right now…

I’m finding it hard to deal with finding out people are pregnant or having babies.
I’m actually having to stop things showing up on my news feed now and whenever I’m invited to things by my friends I have to prepare myself in case they tell me they’re pregnant otherwise I honestly can’t guarantee how I will react.

Now someone who was at uni (and hasn’t been with the guy for long!) is pregnant. How is that fair?
I’ve been with Jonny for years and trying for months and its not working.

Its almost harder that family don’t know.  I wonder if it would help me of they knew, but then would I get asked if I’m pregnant more frequently than I do already?!

Then I wonder if I’ve done damage to my body with my life experiences – is there something going on that I don’t know about?!

This month I need to be 1 whole day late before I test, even if I have a triphasic chart.  There’s nothing worse than seeing just 1 line on a pregnancy test. ‘YOU ARE A FAILURE. TRY AGAIN!’


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