Mum’s birthday weekend

Good weekend was had by all.

Feels like the hard work of pulling everything together was definitely worth it. I don’t have anything to plan now.

Another baby has been born and I couldn’t be happier for Alyssa and Tom. Its my turn now, right?
6 & 1/2 months on. Feels like I’m the only one trying too, Jonny doesn’t buy (or take!) vitamins and hasn’t stopped/reduced his alcohol intake (if anything it’s increased) and I feel like I’m doing more in the house.

I hope if we do get lucky, he’ll realise things have to change. 

I paid for a psychic reading. For me it didn’t matter that it might be all fake but it would relax me. She said I would fall pregnant from a cycle starting in February and find out in March. Well. My 40 day cycles fall in such a way that I won’t have cycle start in February. We’ll see. Would be wonderful if it did relax me enough for it to happen in the next couple of months *please*. I’m not sure I can deal with seeing many more babies or pregnancy announcements without my own


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