Perfection takes time

As I enter my usual 2 weeks of daydreaming ‘what if?’ I’m working on the basis of perfection takes time.

This works for so many things. Also the wait makes you appreciate something so much more.

As I’ve got a few days off work I watched Jeremy Kyle… Entertaining but at the same time, heartbreaking. The stories on there revolved around children. It hurts that children are out there, born into families that didn’t necessarily want them, or were not in the right place to have children. Then there’s other people in this world who would have given anything to have children – like Pam.

But perfection takes time.

It takes time to feel comfortable in yourself.

It takes time to meet the love of your life (or maybe to realise someone is the love of your life). I think one of my friends could do with this realisation.

Perfection takes time and I must just be patient.


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