Moving on

So I’ve decided this isn’t going to rule my life

For a year I’ve barely drunk, carefully checked my calorific intake for the day to make sure I’m eating enough, attempted to eat healthier, bought expensive fertility monitors… All sorts.

That hasn’t worked so I’m just going to be me. Focusing on myself.

I’m going to drink what I want, when I want.

I’m going to eat exactly what I want.

I’m dyeing my hair, using nail varnish and remover.

I’m still trying to improve myself more generally just not wholly baby-wise as its just stressing me out.

We’re almost at a year of trying. If we’re not pregnant by June we’ll be going to the doctors to get checked out. All the tax I’ve paid towards the NHS will come in useful.
I’m making plans for the future that, if we end up pregnant, may need to be changed. But if they do, then they do.


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