Today is a bad day

I want to either sit and cry, or just be numb.

Another pregnancy announcement from a couple who have been married 6 months and are living with his parents.

Every announcement is making it incrementally harder to be happy.

I feel like I’m failing as a woman, even though I don’t know that its an issue on my side.

I am sad and don’t really want to talk to anyone else about it as how I’m feeling won’t come across right.

Its tragic but I’m not used to failing.  I’m used to doing OK and one of the most standard, human things to succeed at, I’m tragically failing.

So now I’ve poured my heart out, I’m going to keep listening to music and hope I’ll find something to lift my spirits. Then I’ll smile and say to myself “everything’s gonna be alright” and on with my day.

No-one else needs to know.


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