2 years of married bliss?

Jonny and I are approaching our 2nd wedding anniversary.

It feels like we’ve definitely been challenged so far. On our first wedding anniversary, I wrote something in his card to the effect of, it hasn’t been easy but we came out the other side stronger… and my mum was quite shocked by that I think.

In our first year, we both lost a grandparent, I lost a very close family friend (who was basically another grandmother to me) and Jonny lost one of his best friends.

It wasn’t easy.  But we came out the other side.  And I think it made us stronger (although didn’t feel like it at the time).  We both deal with grief in very different ways.  We both lock it away from each other but he was able to console himself over his friends death, with his friends.  Which I can understand. Whereas I literally just lock it away… then end up crying to myself in the shower.

In our 2nd year of marriage, we’ve been challenged with trying for a baby which is so far, unsuccessful. But again, this will make us stronger.

Does anyone have an ‘easy’ year?  I certainly don’t remember life being this challenging before I got married and I suppose, before life got in the way.

But we are lucky.  We have each other to weather the storm and come out the other side.

I’m always surprised by how many people get divorced at a young age – is it that they didn’t know the person, or did the challenges of life simply get in the way of the marriage?

I’m a firm believer of what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – even if it is impossible to see at the time.  If you come out the other side (and 9 times out of 10, you do), you find a kind of bliss.


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