4 weeks and 1 day..

So here we are.  2 days of being pregnant :O

That’s pretty ridiculous.

I’m finding it hard not to get carried away – and I know Jonny is too.  I’m sitting here, looking at strollers and car seats on Which.  I nearly bought a baby blanket earlier but stopped myself.  I don’t have the money to just buy things.  I need to make sure I’m buying essentials.

12 weeks seems like such a long way away, but I know it isn’t really.  I’m just.. as I’m a natural worrier, I kinda need proof.  Seeing 2 tests saying I’m pregnant is all very well but until I can see/feel baby in there, I’m not going to believe it.

We’re going to tell our parents and siblings on Monday.  I’m struggling to keep it from them now.  I know it’s something for Jonny and I to enjoy but I think we’ll both explode if we hide it until 12 weeks.  I think it’ll be easier for us to share our excitement a bit.

He’s also seemingly finding it difficult to understand that aside from close family, no-one else will be told until a lot closer to 12 weeks (unless we have to say something sooner).  I think I need his mom to get on board with that.  I’m just so worried he’s going to tell people and then we’ll lose baby.  If he can hold out until 8 weeks that would be good… by then we should have more certainty.  I bought him a book.  I’m hoping it will answer a lot of his questions and stop him getting so excited about it.

Interestingly, I think I have a sort of morning sickness already.  In the morning my stomach feels really uneasy and it happens again in the evenings.  I think it’s starting to creep back now (have a funny taste in the back of my throat).  I’m also wondering if I have my first craving.  Last night we had pizza and I swear it was the most amazing thing i’ve eaten in a long while.  Nothing else seems to be close.  Eating crisps and sandwiches is so difficult.

I’m trying to stay healthy – limiting myself to 2 cups of tea (so thats about 150mg of caffeine a day), then if I need an extra one for any reason, I won’t be way over my limit.  I also really need to try and eat more fruit and veg – I’m taking vitamins though and have ordered some pregnancy ones too so hopefully my body will be covered.  My main aim is to drink more water.  Usually I live off of tea and milk when i’m home, but I’m trying to do more water today (so far, 1 glass drunk, aiming for one more today)

I will start swimming again regularly after I’ve told mum (I think if she and i were swimming up and down alone for a while I would struggle not to tell her).

So that’s me.  I definitely feel different.  Less cramps today which is good (yesterday evening was killer).


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