So today I had massive paranoia. I’m SO worried that I’m going to miscarry… Whether it be a missed one or ‘standard’. I don’t even know why.

I know I’m unlikely to have many ‘symptoms’ at this stage but because of that,  I’m really paranoid.

But. having thought that, from about 4.30pm today I’ve been feeling really nauseous and tired. I’m quite happy to feel like this if it gives me a bit of confidence at this early stage.  I just wish the clear blue digi tests show me an improving time.  Still saying 1-2 is just really sending me off.

So on lighter news, yesterday we told our family which was pretty amazing. I honestly didn’t think we would ever get to that stage. But we did 🙂 I just can’t wait to get to 12 weeks and be able to enjoy it all a bit more with less worry and start buying things.

I bought one thing but I refuse to open it until I’ve got a bit more reassurance about all of this. So paranoid about jinxing it, even though I know that at this stage, only 1 in 5 miscarriage.


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