Broke heart

So now its just a waiting game.

I woke this morning feeling ‘different’. I went to the toilet and.. Blood. Just when I wipe.

My heart is shattered. At the moment I’m waiting to see if I bleed properly or if this is just something weird.

I feel like I have cramps but I’m holding out in the hope that they don’t develop and its just my uterus stretching and not cramps getting ready to evacuate something.

I feel like I broke my husband’s heart and I never thought I would do that. If I do miscarry, I then get to break our parent’s and sibling’s hearts too.

I feel like I’m a failure. This is the one thing in my life that I want to succeed at.

I really hope this is a warning, rather than anything else but deep in my heart I know.

And Bruce knows. I’m sure.


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