One week

Being pregnant for one week was perhaps one of the best weeks of my life.

I felt like a woman for the first time ever. I was with child.

I was happy.
I had energy (although tired in evenings).
I had rosy cheeks.
I was confident.

And now this. The complete opposite.

I can’t wait to fall pregnant again. I hope we are lucky and baby stays with us next time. I can’t go through this agai n.


2 thoughts on “One week

  1. I remember feeling the exact same way. The love was already swelling up inside me even in the first few weeks. For me it was how I knew I was pregnant. I just suddenly knew and felt happier and full of life as corny as it sounds. We’ll get there again! Wishing you all the best. Hang in there!


  2. My week just ended yesterday. Started the Saturnday before.

    All of that magic fell off of me and I was back to my ordinary self and a life that pretended that nothing had happened. I wanted to tell every stranger I came upon, just to prove to the World that that one week had counted.

    There will be more times, but next time it will feel different.


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