A new kind of sadness

Hubby and I are definitely moving on a bit now. I think we are both ready to try again (more due to the fact we are desperately ready to be parents).
But I’m hit with a new kind of sadness.  The ‘always there’ sadness has gone, only to be replaced with the ‘creeping up upon you when you least expect it’ kind.
The kind when you’re feeling OK and your mind drifts and BAM there it is.

Or the kind where you’ve been busy all day so stop for a break and BAM.

Or the kind where you’re tidying up and find some pregnancy tests in their box… BAM.

I’m not sure which kind of sadness was easier to deal with.

Oh yeah p.s. I really miss the amazing feeling of being pregnant 😦 that was the best and most full of life that I ever recall feeling.


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