A good day

Today is the first day since losing baby 1 that I’ve sung to myself.  This is usually a pretty normal occurrence – I normally hum to myself in the shower, sing a little whilst cleaning, sing to Bruce.. etc.  But I haven’t been doing that.  Today I did.  And I didn’t even think about it – it just happened.

So I know I’m getting there now.  Also helps that Bruce just definitely told me I’m an excellent mummy with all the nose rubs and cuddles I got in the kitchen.

I also know I’m not so ‘down’ about the whole thing – I’m being more positive.  I’m still trying to eat healthy and reduce my caffeine intake.  working at home normally meant tea after tea.. so far I’ve just had my normal morning cuppa, and now I’m on horlicks as felt the need for a warm drink.

In other news, one of my closest friends has been told she’ll be discharged from hospital next week – things are looking up.


2 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Every day it gets a little easier. You never forget your baby, the pain never fully disappears but eventually you do revert back to the person and life you had before… but at the same time, you are a different because you are now a mummy in your own right. I know that isnt very helpful, but I am glad you sang to yourself today, it means you are one step closer to healing. Also, how amazing are cats – I honestly think I healed emotionally faster because of my kitty loving me so much! Baby dust to you.


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