1 year

Today is our anniversary of me coming off the pill.  I wish there was more to celebrate.

Instead we get ovulation day and now I’m dreading the rest of the 2ww. 

I am definitely more in tune with my body now but I just don’t know how I will feel if I’m not pregnant at the end of it.

Just to compound matters, celeb news is awash with the info about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.  Her well-publicised and apparently long journey to baby no.2 despite already having a child.  I could’ve done without that news today


One thought on “1 year

  1. I’ve entered the 2ww also.. Agh … If only we could find out sooner.
    We would of been 12 weeks pregnant the week of the 21st of may.. We planed to tell our parents.. My heart was full of sadness that day and still is.
    And OMG the Kim K news almost made me want to throw something at the radio.. I feel like everyone in the universe is getting pregnant except me!

    Good luck in your journey, I look forward to reading all about it!


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