The first 2ww

This is a strange and unexpected feeling in the 2ww.

Excitement and anticipation.

I thought this time I would be filled with dread and sadness but I’m not.  I think the fact that I was able to fall pregnant (admittedly not stay pregnant, but still!) it’s released a lot of the stress and worry from me.

Now I’m not looking forward to 13dpo as I think I may lose my head, but the 2ww is much more manageable now.

I know that my body knows what to do and I can trust it to do it.  It’s the next part I’m not convinced about yet.

I’m in 2 minds as to whether or not I should book a doctors appointment for 2 weeks time.   I think it might be useful, even if we are lucky and fall pregnant, as it will give me a chance to talk to someone about my worries and even hopefully they’ll help with monitoring which will definitely help me.  I’m the kind of person who needs all the information available to them to feel comfortable.

If we don’t get lucky then at least we have an appointment after a year to talk to the doctor about the next steps.  I’m sure they won’t be much help yet as I’ve fallen pregnant once within the year which technically means there’s not really a problem.

I also think that if we’re not lucky, I’ll keep putting off the appointment in the hope that the next month is more successful. I think I just need to book it.

To be honest, I’ll probably be lucky to get an appointment on my choice of day anyway


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