The weekend

Today is a super sad day. I don’t have any particular reason but I just want to cry.
Perhaps its a combination of a number of things.

I’m paranoid its not our month. The excitement and anticipation has gone, only to be replaced with sadness.
My temps have been doing some weird things – spike then drop to cover line at 7dpo. I just don’t understand what my body is doing.
AF is due next weekend which is when I’ve got a lot of family stuff on. I think it may be a struggle.

I’m getting more frustrated as it goes on. I’ve stopped going on TTC forums – all I see is people trying for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th child complaining that they’re having trouble falling pregnant again (despite only trying for a couple of months).  All it does is make me angry so I’m staying away. I don’t need them. I know my next steps.

Today I think I shall cry. I have the house to myself later so I may sit on the sofa and cry with my cat.


2 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. I’m also in the 2ww. I’ve been having weird tummy cramps for the last few days which makes me hopeful that something’s going on down there but then I get angry with myself for letting myself hope. I’d give anything to feel excitement and anticipation but all I feel is dread that my AF will make an appearance next weekend. I have my fingers crossed for you (and me) that this month is the month xx


    • My excitement and anticipation has definitely dissipated now. I’ve also got a few ‘signs’ but worried I’m just making them up as I know how I felt when I did fall pregnant.
      Fingers crossed for you! X


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