Books were my first love.

As a child our family holidays were always in Cornwall, always in Perranporth as a close family friend lived there (…basically a non-blood grandmother).  The majority of my most vivid memories of being in Perranporth, are about going to the book shop that was right next to the beautiful beach and buying books.  Most of the time, they were Enid Blyton books.  Big books with 4/5 of the Famous Five books in them and I would pretty much finish them on holiday.  And I would re-read all of them.

I think near enough every birthday and Christmas, I’ve received at least one book (that I requested!).

I love to open a book and be whisked away to my imagination.  I love to read a book, see the movie and pick out what they’ve missed.

Books are still my first love.  I have filled my Ikea bookshelf and some are having to be relegated to a box in the loft as I simply don’t have the space for them.  And I refuse to throw them out.  Never.  Even though I have a kindle and I’ve heard the suggestion that I don’t need books if I have that.

I love my kindle, I do.  And it was a god-send on the train to London each day as it meant I could read any book and didn’t have to lug it around each day or wreck it in my bag.  I must confess- since working closer to home and driving each day, I’ve only used my kindle on holiday.

I joined a book club near to home as I found myself not necessarily reading the same old thing, but I know what i like and I stick with it.  To a certain extent, I’m not daring at all, unless someone recommends the book.

Book club has been great .  I’ve met a number of new people and I think friendships are developing, which is always nice.  It gives me a chance to get out one night a month AND most importantly, I’m reading things I never would have chosen myself.

So far we’ve read:


The Throwback

Chocolate cake with Hitler

The Miniaturist

Sisters of Mia

My favourite was Sister, I guess because I could relate to it.  So that I don’t give the story away to anyway who may be reading this, Sister is a book about the main character whose sister dies.  She was told that it was suicide but the main character doesn’t believe this – her sister wouldn’t kill herself and the story unfolds.  It just struck me that if my sister died I would go to the end of the earth for answers.

The Throwback wasn’t great.  It was a comedy and written in the 1980’s and I think ti was of it’s time – the front cover is very reminiscent of Spitting Image and none of the characters were relate-able.

Chocolate Cake with Hitler – this was an interesting one.  It’s a story based on what is known about Hitler’s bunker.  It was told from a child’s perspective.  It was also very timely due to the various anniversaries for the WW that it’s in everyone’s mind.  Some in the group didnt like it because it was a story, based on some fact but I felt it was a good way of introducing the bunker and what happened – it opened the doors to you wanting to find out more.

The Miniaturist was also really good. It was hard to get into, and the ending wasn’t really what I thought it would be but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m currently reading Sisters of Mia.  It’s apparently sci-fi which isn’t a genre I like to read.  From what I’ve read so far, it’s not great but I’ve just found out that the person who suggested the book is actually related to the author and I believe it’s his first book.  Book club in a few weeks time could be very interesting…


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