So I know that pollen levels in the UK have been high or very high for about 2 weeks but man, this stuff is making me feel rough.

I’m hoping that half of it is baby and half is hayfever to try and make it feel more ‘worth it’.

Putting Vaseline up my nose isn’t very attractive but its one of a few things that seem to help.

My doctor said I couldn’t take anything at all. I know there’s obviously not been much testing done on the use of antihistamines and pregnancy but this is just ridiculous. I don’t want to take pills unless I absolutely have to. I worked through my headaches without taking paracetamol last week but if this carries on I’m going to have to do something.

I think it’s just awful this morning as its raining, so all the pollen is coming down to earth.  Hopefully later, when it stops, my hayfever will lessen.  I’m going to struggle to go to a BBQ later today if this carries on!

So for now, Optrex eye bath, contact lens eye drops and Vaseline are my only hope of feeling somewhat normal today.

Stupid hayfever.


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