Last week went quickly.  I had my first proper morning sickness.

Today it all seems to have eased off – apart from a horrendous headache.

I am worried that it’s all falling apart again but trying to stay positive as it seems its a normal thing for symptoms to fluctuate on a day-to-day basis.

Only a few more days until our early scan and I’m starting to pretty much poop myself.
At the moment I can’t believe I’m pregnant.  I need to see a heartbeat.  At the same time I’m utterly petrified that a/there’s nothing there or b/there’s no heartbeat.

I think I’m going to struggle to believe this until I have a baby in my arms.

Just to add insult to my paranoia, an old school friend has announced her 2nd pregnancy (baby no.1 was born only 9 months ago). She’s had hers AND fallen pregnant again in the time we’ve lost one and waiting to see this one.

I don’t know how people can share just private things on Facebook.  I guess they’re lucky to have not had their heartbroken before.


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