So 14 weeks.  I think I may be starting to show which could be interesting as I still haven’t told anyone at work (except my manager) and some of my closest friends still don’t know.  This is a problem as I’ve always been skinny.. It may give me away before I tell them.

I’m starting to reach the paranoid stage again… I need some renewed evidence that baby is hanging on in my belly.  I need to see or hear it.  Luckily I have 8 days to wait (and I will be counting them off).

I’ve had a lot of backache and cramping recently which I guess is right as these next few weeks are crazy busy for baby to be growing and moving around.

I’m kind of glad I took Shaan’s advice about not buying a doppler.  I know i would be using it every day and being paranoid if I couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat (and I’m paranoid enough).

Believe it or not I am starting to relax into it a bit more.  I’m letting myself plan what I would like in baby’s nursery (not buying it yet but have an idea of what we want) and I’m allowing myself to look at maternity and baby clothes.

Give me a sign that you’re still in there, healthy and growing, baby…


Saturday alone

Warning: rant ahead

Today didn’t start very well.
Hubby has a problem with his Garmin watch so I’ve been sorting it for him.  Left it on the coffee table for him to literally sellotape and put the label on (I prepared everything).  He’s taking his time getting ready (I thought he must be changing the bed as I asked him to help with it).  In the mean time I do a load of washing, hang it out and eat breakfast.
To find him laying on the bed playing on his phone “I was looking at baby stuff”.

Fine. whatever.

His plan for the day was to go to a beer festival in Lincoln, so a 2 hr train so I asked him to do just a few things I can’t do right now as I still have nausea and a lot of back ache.  I asked him to change the bed, take rubbish out and clean out Bruce’s litter tray.

So we go food shopping. My back hurts a lot and he knows this.  We get back and have lunch.  Sitting on the sofa (1.30pm) and he decides to check the time of the  trains… The train he wants to catch leaves in 30 mins.

Queue him rushing around.  The bins are emptied.  He says “you can make the bed?” … Well no actually I can’t.  I feel weak and my back hurts.  The threat of asking my mum to come over and help me with it resulted in him getting stressy and doing it in a huff.

He then wonders why I got annoyed at him as Bruce’s litter tray hasn’t been cleaned out.

So he’s disappeared off to Lincoln and I’m at home with the cat.

I donned my plastic gloves and at least got rid of as much poo as I could even if its not a perfect clean.

Will he be like this with his child? Running late to meet a friend but baby has done a poo… Oh well they’re wearing a nappy, it’ll be fine…



Omg.. I made it.

I honestly was totally petrified on Friday.  So much so, that I’ve had a massive headache and painful neck ever since – I stressed myself out so bad.

Baby is still measuring 3 days ahead (I don’t understand that… I know when I ovulated.  Oh well).


Baby wriggled and waved like crazy.  When I eventually calmed down, so did baby which allowed the ultrasound tech to get some good measurements.

I still can’t fully relax. I’ve mentioned to hubby a number of times that I would like a doppler..  Which would be fine if I could always find baby, but I know I’ll stress if it decides to be awkward.

Now I just want to see or hear baby again.  Bring on my 16 week midwife appointment!


So today is the first time I’ve had to call in sick at work during this pregnancy.

Today it felt like I had the flu.  Managed to feed Bruce and get a shower, then I was sick.

Laid on the bed and just didn’t move.

Interestingly received a call from the Dr – the results are in from my blood tests on Monday and they gave me a prescription for Iron.  I must be really low because when having the blood tests I was told I would only be called if it was urgent (and she said low iron would be sorted out when we go for our 12 week scan next week).

It was good timing, at least I know how I’m feeling is down to lack of iron. 

Luckily mum was able to get to the doctors for me to pick up the prescription so I can start them quickly, otherwise it would have had to wait until Jonny gets back tomorrow.

I’ve just been sick again… First time I’ve been sick twice in a day.  This morning sickness is kicking my arse.

My cat is the best

I probably don’t post about him enough, but he really is just the best cat possible.

Hubby is off the grid… somewhere in Wales, near to Snowdon… I don’t know.  He hasn’t even bothered to use a payphone to call me and see how I am (yet his friend who he went with managed to call his girlfriend…).

So I have Bruce. My beloved Siberian cat.

He’s the best company possible. Every morning I get the most wonderful cuddles and nose rubs (daddy never does) and he suckles on me when he’s tired and wants to go to sleep.  He comes to me to be calmed.  Sometimes I even sing ‘Soft Kitty’ to him.

The past 2 mornings I’ve been sick (they say week 10 is the worst…) and every time I’ve turned around from the toilet, he is sitting behind me, just watching.  “I’m here mummy”.

As soon as I’m done and I’ve spoken to him, he runs off downstairs.  His way of saying “Ok that was gross but you’re ok so I’m going now.”

He is such wonderful company.  Right now, he’s sitting beside me on the sofa, tail softly waving (he’s a very happy boy) and I would imagine he’ll stay that way for most of the day whilst I’m working from home.

Love my boy.


I miss tea

Now when I say I miss tea, I mean REALLY miss tea.

I’m ok without it – it’s not like i’m in withdrawal or anything – it’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve been able to enjoy a nice cuppa.

But for me it was all about the ritual.  I woke up, I had a cuppa.  I was awake and felt normal.

I’d come in from work, get changed, make a cuppa.  Sit and drink it whilst Bruce was chilling next to me.

I miss it when I work from home.  I’d pretty much always have a cuppa on the go and it was LOVELY in the winter just to warm though with a nice drink.  Now I’m stuck with milk or pepsi as they’re the only things I can comfortably drink and I’m starting to get fed up with them.

How silly it is to miss tea.