I miss tea

Now when I say I miss tea, I mean REALLY miss tea.

I’m ok without it – it’s not like i’m in withdrawal or anything – it’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve been able to enjoy a nice cuppa.

But for me it was all about the ritual.  I woke up, I had a cuppa.  I was awake and felt normal.

I’d come in from work, get changed, make a cuppa.  Sit and drink it whilst Bruce was chilling next to me.

I miss it when I work from home.  I’d pretty much always have a cuppa on the go and it was LOVELY in the winter just to warm though with a nice drink.  Now I’m stuck with milk or pepsi as they’re the only things I can comfortably drink and I’m starting to get fed up with them.

How silly it is to miss tea.


7 thoughts on “I miss tea

  1. I actually can’t stand tea but I do love chocolate, cheese etc. I can imagine cutting any of them out would make me seriously want it. I gave up chocolate for lent and it drove me a bit crazy. Probably didn’t help that I was pg at the time!

    Have you cut out tea because of the caffeine. I’m sure you already know it but a cup a day is supposed to be absolutely fine. I can understand if you have reservations though given what you’ve been through. Have you tried herbal teas?


      • How about hot chocolate? I love a hot chocolate and I can’t imagine it ever tasting bad although I do know our bodies do strange things when we’re pregnant. It may still contain a little caffeine but the reading I’ve done suggests it’s far less caffeine that a cup of coffee or tea.


  2. If you want a caffeine free tea you can have with milk try Rooibos (sometimes sold as redbush tea), it is naturally caffeine free and works well with milk as a substitute for the real deal. If it is a taste thing though it might not work, but worth a try. I am a tea addict!


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