My cat is the best

I probably don’t post about him enough, but he really is just the best cat possible.

Hubby is off the grid… somewhere in Wales, near to Snowdon… I don’t know.  He hasn’t even bothered to use a payphone to call me and see how I am (yet his friend who he went with managed to call his girlfriend…).

So I have Bruce. My beloved Siberian cat.

He’s the best company possible. Every morning I get the most wonderful cuddles and nose rubs (daddy never does) and he suckles on me when he’s tired and wants to go to sleep.  He comes to me to be calmed.  Sometimes I even sing ‘Soft Kitty’ to him.

The past 2 mornings I’ve been sick (they say week 10 is the worst…) and every time I’ve turned around from the toilet, he is sitting behind me, just watching.  “I’m here mummy”.

As soon as I’m done and I’ve spoken to him, he runs off downstairs.  His way of saying “Ok that was gross but you’re ok so I’m going now.”

He is such wonderful company.  Right now, he’s sitting beside me on the sofa, tail softly waving (he’s a very happy boy) and I would imagine he’ll stay that way for most of the day whilst I’m working from home.

Love my boy.



2 thoughts on “My cat is the best

  1. He is an absolute beauty! They are certainly sensitive to if you are ill or upset. I could not exist without cats in my life! 🙂


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