So today is the first time I’ve had to call in sick at work during this pregnancy.

Today it felt like I had the flu.  Managed to feed Bruce and get a shower, then I was sick.

Laid on the bed and just didn’t move.

Interestingly received a call from the Dr – the results are in from my blood tests on Monday and they gave me a prescription for Iron.  I must be really low because when having the blood tests I was told I would only be called if it was urgent (and she said low iron would be sorted out when we go for our 12 week scan next week).

It was good timing, at least I know how I’m feeling is down to lack of iron. 

Luckily mum was able to get to the doctors for me to pick up the prescription so I can start them quickly, otherwise it would have had to wait until Jonny gets back tomorrow.

I’ve just been sick again… First time I’ve been sick twice in a day.  This morning sickness is kicking my arse.


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