Omg.. I made it.

I honestly was totally petrified on Friday.  So much so, that I’ve had a massive headache and painful neck ever since – I stressed myself out so bad.

Baby is still measuring 3 days ahead (I don’t understand that… I know when I ovulated.  Oh well).


Baby wriggled and waved like crazy.  When I eventually calmed down, so did baby which allowed the ultrasound tech to get some good measurements.

I still can’t fully relax. I’ve mentioned to hubby a number of times that I would like a doppler..  Which would be fine if I could always find baby, but I know I’ll stress if it decides to be awkward.

Now I just want to see or hear baby again.  Bring on my 16 week midwife appointment!


One thought on “12w+5

  1. I’m so very happy for you! It must have been so lovely to see your baby, hear the heartbeat and know that all is well. I wish you a very happy and healthy next six months xx


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