So 14 weeks.  I think I may be starting to show which could be interesting as I still haven’t told anyone at work (except my manager) and some of my closest friends still don’t know.  This is a problem as I’ve always been skinny.. It may give me away before I tell them.

I’m starting to reach the paranoid stage again… I need some renewed evidence that baby is hanging on in my belly.  I need to see or hear it.  Luckily I have 8 days to wait (and I will be counting them off).

I’ve had a lot of backache and cramping recently which I guess is right as these next few weeks are crazy busy for baby to be growing and moving around.

I’m kind of glad I took Shaan’s advice about not buying a doppler.  I know i would be using it every day and being paranoid if I couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat (and I’m paranoid enough).

Believe it or not I am starting to relax into it a bit more.  I’m letting myself plan what I would like in baby’s nursery (not buying it yet but have an idea of what we want) and I’m allowing myself to look at maternity and baby clothes.

Give me a sign that you’re still in there, healthy and growing, baby…


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