I finally summoned up the courage to tell hubby how I was feeling.  My struggles with accepting my changing body.  He’s definitely reassured me… Seems to think I have the ‘pregnancy glow’ but I’m not convinced.

I think he may have realised that being pregnant isnt a walk in the park.

Today I’ve done too much.  I’m used to getting loads of stuff done on a Saturday but I just can’t do it.  Needed a nap earlier to function normally and now I’m struggling to stay awake during the rugby (and I REALLY want to watch it!).  I suppose it could be from my flu jab this morning making me tired.  definitely looking forward to bed today.

I’ve been invited to a friend’s birthday… Bowling.  I’m honestly not sure I can go.  And it sucks.  But my back hurts doing regular day-to-day, so I don’t think bowling is a wise move.   October is a mental month for us so I definitely don’t want to overdo it.


3 thoughts on “18w+3

  1. Bowling pregnant sounds like a nightmare! You’re already going to pretty much have a bowling ball strapped to your tummy for months as it is. Can you go but not bowl and just sit on the side and drink those weirdly addictive slush puppies instead?!


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