Addicted to kicks

I posted on twitter the other week about being addicted to baby kicks, I was getting a few a day.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I get some really active bouts of movements.  I’m really not sure about counting kicks… I’ve read conflicting things – is it how many sessions a day, or how many kicks within one session?

Either way baby has a routine that seems to involve kicking/punching around meal times.  Do I have a hungry baby already? That doesn’t bode well for when baby makes its grand appearance.

I’m working from home and once again my day is being broken up by being distracted by baby kicking.  I can’t help but stop what I’m doing and feel the kicks.  At least it gives my eyes a break from the screen.

In other news, today I saw on Facebook that an acquaintance has had their baby.  But it was posted by someone else (…I’m assuming a family member).

I’m now a bit worried about this.  Do I need to prep my family not to say anything, or should I hope they have the good grace to let hubby and I make our own announcement?


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