Ready to meet bump – 26w+3

I am so ready to meet the baby behind my bump.

Until now I’ve felt really disconnected but ive felt more movement in the past few days, making it all feel a lot more real.

We also planned out baby’s room so we know where everything will go, and I can’t wait to see it all together.

This is the first time I’ve felt a bond.  And it excites me.

I’m so sure it’s a boy (for no real reason).  I want to know.. But I know I want the excitement of finding out when baby is born.

I want hubby to be able to share the news.  “It’s a XXX!”.

I’m just so excited.  I can’t wait to meet you baby.


Screw you heartburn!

So hitting week 26 is super exciting.  The its the start of a proper countdown – 10 weeks and I’ll be on annual leave proceeding my maternity leave.  70 days.

Just gonna let that sink in a bit.

14 weeks til baby is full term.  98 days.

Holy moly.

To celebrate this momentous occasion my body is celebrating with lots and lots of heartburn.
I woke up in the middle of the night with it, and I now have it, at work, being aggravated by drinking water.  So I’m between a rock and a hard place.  If I choose to stay hydrated I’ll be doing battle with heartburn all day.

Fun times.

Still, it goes with the territory.  It’s one of the few pregnancy symptoms I have (I must be one of the lucky ones) .

Cat check up

I feel like I’m on the urge of hitting hubby (hormones, obv!).

Bruce had his yearly check up and booster today.

The vet says he’s ever so slightly overweight (I think he’s got it wrong… Bruce is a Siberian and will be a big cat!) But so I’ve said I will reduce Bruce’s treats.

Most treat bags say cats can have about 20 pieces a day alongside their usual food – Bruce definitely doesn’t have that many
But anyway, I’ll reduce.
Hubby maintains I should be stopping them all, point blank.

He doesn’t realise it’s not that simple.  Apparently me reducing is pretty much me being stubborn and only doing what I want to do.

Gah! Trying to keep the cat and him happy is not easy!!!!

24w+2 – whinge day

Today is very much a whinge day.

I’ve had a few weeks where I felt normal after the rubbishness of the first trimester.

Now I’m tired again.  Like… Woke up feeling tired.  Could sleep again tired.  Could, in fact, sleep all day tired.

I’m supposed to be going out for leaving drinks tonight for a family friend who is moving away, BUT I will see fairly regularly.

My sister is guilt tripping me into going.

It doesn’t start until 7.30 … And I’m always asleep by about 9.  A 30 mins drive to some place for one hour, to say bye to someone I’m going to see again very soon…

It would involve me in actually having to put tidy clothes on instead of my relaxing ones.

Oh and my belly button hurts cos it keeps rubbing on my clothes now that it’s decided to stick out.

And I’m ABSOLUTELY freezing cold at home, despite wearing a hoody and slippers with the central heating on.  Have resorted to a blanket to keep warm.