30w+6 – angry hormonal wreck

You read that pregnancy will turn you into a hormonal wreck.  What I’ve found is that my anger is limitless.  I used to be relatively calm – it would take a heck of a lot to take me over the edge.

But now.
Oh it doesn’t take a lot.  And it simmers for ages after too.

Today I was SO angry at work (I’m supposed to be a specialist and in theory, be listened to) but my Head of Service has decided to 100% dictate what can and cannot be done/changed meaning that I am just a Yes monkey to her.
I have no influence and there’s no trust that I might know what I’m on about.

So I started crying.  Beyond angry to where I just had to walk away from my laptop.  Luckily I’m at home so able to have some space but if I’d been in the office I would have made a fool of myself.  90 mins on and I’m still absolutely raging.  Things like this make me wonder if I even want to come back to this employment after maternity leave.

Why should I allow a job to make me feel this angry?!

Crazy pregnancy hormones with probably a hint of justification.


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