It’s been a funny old day (33w+6)

Today started with me being sad and jealous.

My sister’s friend was due a month after me and her baby arrived today. 
I shouldn’t be jealous as I’m sure she would rather have cooked her baby a bit longer – being born at 30 weeks is obviously going to be a massive worry. 
But I’m jealous as she got to meet her baby before me.
But now I’ve moved to happiness for her.

So I merrily go to my midwife appointment.  For some reason today I was nervous.  Normally I’m not but my brain was telling me to panic.
Baby was kicking up a storm so my nerves/adrenaline were apparently having an impact inside too.

All is ok… except my growth chart.
Baby/bump has been consistently well over the expected growth by at least 2 weeks.
Hubby and I had always suspected that there may be complications due to my height and build but honestly, I’d forgotten about them as everything has been going swimmingly.

I’ve been referred for a growth scan.  My midwife feels it’s just because I’m short and petite (4ft11 and a size 6/8 before pregnancy) that bump is ‘bigger’ because there’s nowhere else to go but out.

But I can’t help being worried.  What if we find out something is wrong with baby? What if baby is teeny tiny? What if baby is a giant?

I knew this day would come but it doesn’t mean I was prepared for it.


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