Everything is getting a bit more real – I’ve finished work.  2 weeks of annual leave, then maternity leave begins.
I thought I’d be bored but I honestly don’t have the energy to do any more than I am at the moment.

We went for our consultant appointment on Tuesday about the size of baby but they didn’t seem concerned.  I am a bit worried though that they’re not taking my (and my midwife’s) concerns seriously.

We’re booked for another growth scan on Tuesday and to see a consultant straight after.  Hopefully there’ll be more news then. 
I know they see hundreds of women a week but I just can’t help but be worried about having an above average size baby with my smaller than average body.

I know it’s safer for a baby to come out when it’s ready BUT I’m paranoid about the baby getting stuck, or stressed due to its size not being compatible with me.

Hopefully Tuesday we will have at least a plan in place for if i hit 40 weeks (as my midwife requested).


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