The magic number – 40

Happy due date to me…


Celebrated yesterday by having a mildly uncomfortable sweep at my consultant appointment.  Definitely felt slightly violated but it’s a mean to an end.  I’m not sure my cervix was particularly favourable but it’s worth a try.
Felt uncomfortable all evening and then had some mild period-like cramps but they seem to have disappeared.
I’m hoping that was the start of at least ripening my cervix a little.

I’m so glad I had the appointment though.  We finally have a plan in place so stop me going so far overdue.  I think they’ve finally realised that potentially my size and baby may be incompatible – technically it means baby is thriving as according to bump measurements, baby is over 8lb but I know they’re pretty notoriously wrong, but regardless, looking at my size I am convinced I have a chunky monkey about to come out of me.
The consultant added to my notes that shoulder dystocia is a possibility so he’s already identified that a plan b may be needed, but we’ll try for a ‘natural’ birth first and see what happens.
Initially my thoughts were that I don’t want an emergency c-section but this is a happy medium; we have plan a and plan b identified.

In other news, yesterday I woke up with stretch marks on my belly… look away now if it’s too much information…massively bulbous belly with war wounds:


Any road, the end is in sight.  I’m looking forward to meeting this chunky monkey and discovering the personality of this troublemaker.

I’m also rather looking forward to parma ham and an alcoholic beverage.  May have to ask my mum to put some in my fridge for whenever we arrive home with baby.


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