Baby blues

For some reason I feel the need to write a blog post about my baby blues.

Mine were short lived (so far) but I felt really down and out.
Recovering from forceps and episiotomy definitely made it worse for me.
Hormone levels changing, as well as a sense of uselessness were a sure fire route to the baby blues.

I have never felt so tired, sad, tearful and fearful in my life.
I didn’t want to touch/hold my baby boy – just the thought of it saddened me.

Today I feel I’ve turned a corner and actually WANT to be with him (even if it’s difficult/painful).

Hubby could also see what I’ve been like as he popped out to the shop…. and wanted to see how I would cope for an hour.  So even he could see how I’d been feeling (and not coping).

I can only imagine what it must be like to have a mini human relying on you when you have post-natal depression.


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