We’re approaching the 6 week mark and I’m feeling increasingly abandoned by the hubby.

So far he’s seen his best friend pretty much every Thursday night since Theodore has been born and has been to the pub a couple of times.

When working from home he’s preferred to spend his breaks working on his bicycle rather than helping look after his child.

So far the only time off I’ve had is when hubby has taken Theodore out for a walk, or when my parents have had him whilst I’ve been at the dentist.  We had a rare evening together when we went to the cinema.

I’ve not managed to go to book club (happens once a month), or go to my friend’s 30th birthday party.

Then hubby decides he wants to use bank holiday weekend to meet his friend in Scotland Saturday and come home on Tuesday (using annual leave for the Tuesday) and then he was due to go to a conference in Liverpool Wednesday to Friday.

He maintains he asked me if it would be ok for him to go to Scotland… the only thing I remember hearing was a question about how I would feel going to Scotland with Theodore (my answer was ‘no’).

I don’t think he understands that having a child means you have to make sacrifices.  He can’t always do what he wants to do.  And he needs to check with me before planning something.

I’m frustrated and sad.  Why should I have to ask him to stay home and make sacrifices, he should want to be here and spend time with his son?


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