7 weeks and 2 days old

Today I experienced my first meltdown.

I’m actually surprised I got this far as I’m putting on a strong face but inside I’m really struggling.  I don’t feel like I am doing the right things for Theodore and that just generally I’m an awful mum.

I’m not sure why my confidence in myself is at an all time low.
But today I cried because Theodore was crying.

I’ve just asked hubby to come home from the pub but I don’t know if he will.

Today I am struggling to cope even though Theodore isn’t being totally awful.  I just feel terrible and my confidence has taken a battering.  For some reason I’ve also been feeling really sick and I desperately need some help.


5 thoughts on “7 weeks and 2 days old

  1. If you need to have a chat I’m around. It’s okay to feel like that and not know why. Just have a good cry and let it all out. Hopefully your hubby can get home asap to give you a hand. Put your feet up with a box of chocolates and some tissues xxx


      • Yes I bet it has! I’ve had a couple of melt downs over the past couple of weeks and it was definitely instigated by tiredness! We all had a shit week which included norovirus for everyone, so I feel your pain right now. I remember crying everyday for the first 6 weeks and I only have one. Super mum you are!!


      • Couldn’t agree more! I’m so over tired now I just walk around in a daze. My little one hasn’t slept well for about 3 weeks now and this week sleep has been non existent. We’re much better now, but it still takes its toll. Add in vitamin D deficiency and an infected tooth accompanied by antibiotics and it’s equals a pretty shit time lol. Are your other children good with the baby? Not sure how old they are x


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