Cat mummy

This guy, completely makes my life.  

I have a pretty swell hubby, and a charming baby, but for some reason, my cat is the cherry on the top.

It’s been a rough time for him.  He was here before the baby and he’s had to adjust.  Despite me previously not being a ‘cat person’, I am a convert.  He’s pretty much my cat.  I’m his primary carer.

After dealing with a baby, as well as an influx of visitors, he was pretty stressed.  He ended up in hospital with a urethral plug which, if left, can be fatal within a couple of days. 

Luckily, he’s all good.  I’ve nursed him back to health and he seems happier than ever.   On the vet’s advice we’ve started using a Feliway plug-in and either it’s a weird coincidence, or it totally works.

Bruce is like a more confident version of himself. He’s not hiding away all the time.  Even when people are here he will usually show his face (unless it’s a big group).  He even goes up to my sister and parents for fuss now.  I’m so proud of the way he’s dealt with this.  Hopefully we won’t have a recurrence.  He’s now on Hills Urinary Stress food and I’m making even MORE of an effort to give him mummy time (even if it means I have no time to myself).

It’s crazy how a cat can mean as much to me as my baby and husband.  Am I mad?!


2 thoughts on “Cat mummy

  1. He is sooooo beautiful! I am glad he has made a good recovery and is feeling more confident. I love my cats, they are my family and so important to me so totally get how you feel.


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