Approaching 6 months

It’s been a while since my last post.  The whole ‘being a mum’ thing tends to get in the way.

Since my last post we’ve had a lot of firsts.

We have Theodore’s passport for when we travel to the US to see family.

He was baptised which was lovely – Theodore’s grandpa is a Deacon and he was able to do the baptising. We followed this with a little celebration at the pub that hubby and I met.

My sister has ‘gone public’ with her pregnancy.

A close family friend, who is basically my brother, has gone public with his pregnancy (obviously he’s not the one carrying the baby, but he will be a daddy).

Theodore rolled… though I was in the shower and only daddy saw it. 

WE HAVE TEETH! Yes.  2 whole teeth made their appearance in one night.  We were wondering why the boy was unsettled and then they appeared.  He really is so easy.  No screaming, just couldn’t sleep and cried a bit and wanted mummy lots .

And he turns 6 months in a matter of days.  Where did that time go? I knew it would fly but I had no idea it would go that quickly.


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