The wait begins

So I am nesting already.  Even though I’m wiped out from 2 nights of pretty much no sleep from Theodore, and mega heartburn, plus serious breathlessness, I am still nesting.

In 10 mins I’ve ruthlessly gone through a drawer of clothes and thrown stuff out, and gotten rid of most stuff from under Theodore’s cot.  I’m now planning on cleaning the kitchen.  After cleaning the fridge yesterday, I’ve now got the urge to defrost the freezer.  Perhaps a job for tomorrow?

When I was pregnant with Theodore my nesting kicked in at about 37 weeks – when I’d started annual leave preceeding maternity leave.

So this time it’s 4 weeks earlier and I’m still most definitely at work (for another 5 weeks).  Would be amazing if baby appeared a couple of weeks earlier than last time (induction a week late). Maybe then having baby and moving house won’t happen at the same time…


33 weeks

It’s been a while since my last post.  Not surprisingly, looking after a one year old and being pretty heavily pregnant is tiring and doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time.

The return to work has been ok.  It gives me a break from carrying Theodore around which is quite nice as I’m suffering from a lot of back and hip pain this time around.

On top of that we’re dealing with buying a new house which is desperately needed for baby 2.  It’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll be in the house before baby arrives – but I almost think that might be better as I’ll be able to help more with packing and unpacking.