Addicted to kicks

I posted on twitter the other week about being addicted to baby kicks, I was getting a few a day.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I get some really active bouts of movements.  I’m really not sure about counting kicks… I’ve read conflicting things – is it how many sessions a day, or how many kicks within one session?

Either way baby has a routine that seems to involve kicking/punching around meal times.  Do I have a hungry baby already? That doesn’t bode well for when baby makes its grand appearance.

I’m working from home and once again my day is being broken up by being distracted by baby kicking.  I can’t help but stop what I’m doing and feel the kicks.  At least it gives my eyes a break from the screen.

In other news, today I saw on Facebook that an acquaintance has had their baby.  But it was posted by someone else (…I’m assuming a family member).

I’m now a bit worried about this.  Do I need to prep my family not to say anything, or should I hope they have the good grace to let hubby and I make our own announcement?



Oh wow..  Baby kicks are weird.  Only in the last week have I been feeling anything due to my anterior placenta. I think I’m quite lucky actually that I’m feeling kicks/hiccups this early as I’m so tiny.

Sitting at home working away and baby is kicking up a storm so I stop what I’m doing and stare at my stomach… As I feel a kick, my whole stomach moves!
This is the weirdest, freakiest, coolest thing I’ve ever felt/seen in my entire life.

Needless to say I’m not going to want to do any work for the rest of the day whenever baby is kicking.



I thought hubby ‘got it’.  But he doesn’t.

Out with friends last night for a meal and went to their house to play monopoly.  Gets to about 10pm and I’m in pain from sitting on the edge of the sofa from playing the game so I attempt to text him asking if its cool if we head home soon.

He doesn’t see it.  I was obviously in pain but he was too concerned with winning the damn game to notice me.

This is the 2nd time I’ve been in pain and ready to go home on a night out that he just doesn’t seem to care/notice.

We got home at midnight.
I’m the one woken up by Bruce at 6.30 each morning.

He has no idea 😦 and I can’t see him changing his general attitude no matter how many times I talk to him.


I think I’m going a little crazy.

Last night at book club the other pregnant girl was telling everyone all about her baby (she’s only a week ahead of me) and ever since I have been super anxious about baby.

I’m not sure why.  what does it matter to me if she’s heard her baby’s heartbeat?! There’s not limited pregnant women spaces at book club.

I think it was just unfortunate timing.  It’s been a few weeks since my scan and once again I’m slipping into the crazy/paranoid stage where I am convinced something will go wrong.

I neeeeed to hear the heartbeat but I don’t have a doppler and my midwife isn’t getting back to me.

The next 6 days will be interesting with this anxiety.


So 14 weeks.  I think I may be starting to show which could be interesting as I still haven’t told anyone at work (except my manager) and some of my closest friends still don’t know.  This is a problem as I’ve always been skinny.. It may give me away before I tell them.

I’m starting to reach the paranoid stage again… I need some renewed evidence that baby is hanging on in my belly.  I need to see or hear it.  Luckily I have 8 days to wait (and I will be counting them off).

I’ve had a lot of backache and cramping recently which I guess is right as these next few weeks are crazy busy for baby to be growing and moving around.

I’m kind of glad I took Shaan’s advice about not buying a doppler.  I know i would be using it every day and being paranoid if I couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat (and I’m paranoid enough).

Believe it or not I am starting to relax into it a bit more.  I’m letting myself plan what I would like in baby’s nursery (not buying it yet but have an idea of what we want) and I’m allowing myself to look at maternity and baby clothes.

Give me a sign that you’re still in there, healthy and growing, baby…