Meeting my health visitor

So today was the pre-baby ‘meet your health visitor’ meeting.

I always get worried about things like this for absolutely no reason.  I suppose because I know they’ll ask about domestic violence.  There’s never been any hint of it in our relationship but I get worried that I could say something that would make them think there is something.  It’s a ridiculous fear but it’s there nonetheless.

We discussed the family members we have around us, as well as any family illnesses etc, she asked if we struggled financially, did we own our home etc.

Lots of questions and seems I answered well as she said she doesn’t have any concerns about me/us and baby.

Which is a relief.

So we now have our Red Book which is something else I need to remember to take to hospital in my bag.  I suppose I should probably put it in the suitcase now so that I don’t forget.

It’s a really useful tool actually – all information about your child in one place.

As per usual there’s a whole load about breastfeeding and having to answer why if you’re not breastfeeding.  But that’s another blog post entirely.

Everything is a lot more real and I’m very much looking forward to meeting the troublemaker in my belly.

Wriggle down baby, engage and enter the world.