37 weeks

Well I am fed up.

Baby has been measuring over the 90th centile constantly on growth scans and is currently estimated to be 6.99lb.  Unless baby comes soon, I will have a big baby.

We saw a consultant (turns out it was a registrar as my consultant isn’t available for 9 weeks). They highlighted concerns that my pelvis might not be big enough for baby as it hasn’t started engaging yet.  This was always a concern for me and a possible concern for my midwife.
We were told to come back next week where, if baby isnt starting to engage, she would consider a c-section.

Hooray I thought, we have a plan in place (which is what my midwife wanted).  They then suggested a random blood test to check for gestational diabetes. 

So we’re booking our next consultant appointment and get called in again by someone new. 
A different consultant has looked at my notes, determined I’m probably not high risk even if baby is big and I need to have a glucose tolerance test next week.

So in the space of 2 mins I’ve been told that im a/possibly high risk, we’re addressing your concerns and will see you next week, to b/probably not high risk but we’ll do a glucose tolerance test to be sure.

Meaning that now I have to try and get an appointment with my community midwife next week… and there’s none available as it’s  now short notice.

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve always been thinking that the NHS is amazing.
Not so anymore.  They don’t seem to understand the impact this all had on me – unnecessary stress and worry when I finally felt we were getting somewhere.

My concern is about baby getting stressed if it can’t get into my pelvis… yet the consultant who didn’t see me (only read my notes) doesn’t see it as a problem.

When I got home I read up on glucose tolerance tests.
Apparently after 36 weeks the results are unreliable anyway and a random test should be used.

So seems the registrar might have actually been right but instead I’m now in limbo, again, with a test that might not show anything even if I do have gestational diabetes.

On the growth scans I believe at some points it was indicating baby’s size is 40w1 so I’m hoping my body will make some attempts at starting labour soon, even if baby can’t engage.