Family struggles

So today I had a crappy day but still went out to a friends birthday.
Driving home I tell hubby I don’t feel well – normally I would have been asleep for 3 hours at this time so I’m shattered as well as feeling nauseous.

He decides this is a good time to start an argument about why I don’t agree with him going off camping with his friends for a week when baby is here.

This then somehow led to him arguing we have nothing in common.

And then him deciding he’s been feeling neglected.  Despite the fact that I’m the one doing the vast majority of stuff in this house whilst feeling like shit and hes heading off camping with his friends despite me feeling vulnerable.

I raised this with him previously but he just doesn’t get it.  He wanted to go. So he will.

Is this going to be a bandaid baby, or will it make him grow up enough to realise he can’t disappear with his friends for a week ‘just cos’ when he has a kid (although having a wife, house and cat has never stopped him before).

I feel like I should be crying but I’m not as I don’t feel I’m in the wrong.

My parents had very little common interests but they always seem like the happiest couple.  Opposites  attract.
Apparently hubby wants me to be attached to him with the same interests (although that would drive us both nuts).

Whatever.  I hope for him it was the alcohol speaking and he’ll realise how selfish he’s been in the morning. Probably not. He’s as stubborn as an ass.


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